TEXIM® Composite Thermoplastic Yarns & Fabrics

Inman Mills’ core advanced composite product, TEXIMⓇ, features a sheath of polymer fibers covering a reinforcing fiber core. The sheath may be made from almost any thermoplastic fiber that can be extruded into a fine fiber, but not limited to:

Polyphenylene sulfide
Polyether ether ketone

A Unique, Lower-Cost Solution

This unique solution offers lower cost versus many other thermoplastic prepregs because it requires fewer processing steps. TEXIMⓇ combines the reinforcing fiber core and the thermoplastic polymer in one process at the yarn level, prior to the fabric being woven. Unlike a film or co-woven, the resulting product allows for improved consolidation as the polymer fibers surround the reinforcing fibers and reduce the possibility of voids in the final composite.

As a result, the finished product features improved drape and deep draw moldability. Unlike thermosets, there are no shelf life issues.

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