A Century-Long Tradition

Pursuing Excellence Since 1901

When James A. Chapman founded Inman Mills in 1901, he founded a company that would not only still be spinning and weaving fabric more than a century later, but one that would also become a family legacy so tightly woven into the history of Spartanburg County that it would be impossible to imagine life without it.

Indeed, from the first revolution of an Inman spindle, generation after generation of the Chapman family have sat at the helm of the company which is today, a dynamic, modern textile manufacturer employing more than 700 people at three plants—Saybrook in Inman, Ramey and Mountain Shoals in Enoree—along with Eastbank Textiles, LLC, a subsidiary in Macon, Georgia.

James A. Chapman raises $150,000 to found Inman Mills

Production begins on the Inman Plant

Electricity installed at Inman Plant

Riverdale purchased by Chapman

Riverdale becomes the first air-conditioned cotton mill in the world

Inman Mills’ Saybrook Plant constructed

Inman Mills’ Ramey Plant constructed

Mountain Shoals Plant constructed

Inman Begins Core Spinning

Inman celebrates 100 year anniversary

Inman Enters Mattress Fire Barrier Market

Inman Advances into Specialty Fire Retardant Military Fabrics and Other Technical Fabrics

Inman Launches Patented Texim® Composite Products

Adjusting to Change

Learning & Growing Along the Way

Inman Mills has always sought innovation and evolve to stay ahead of ever-changing markets and business conditions. Since the company was founded, generations of Chapmans have been at its helm leading through change. The Chapmans who are part of the company today, like their forebears, remain fully committed to quality in everything that they do not just the company, but also for the communities in which they work and live.

Success in the technical textile manufacturing industry – and a full commitment to serving our surrounding communities – is woven into the DNA of our lineage in leadership.

True to Our Roots

Over the years, Inman Mills has kept our dedication to quality and innovation at the forefront of our business. Learn more about how we operate.