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Inman Mills has a dedicated team of professionals to help customers solve today’s unique textile sourcing challenges. We take pride in handling difficult and hard-to-source fabric requirements, and collaborate with our customer to contain costs, shorten lead times, and ensure quality deliveries


Eastbank Textiles is a subsidiary of Inman Mills based in Macon, Georgia offering textile converting services to customers.

Eastbank oversees specialized finishing of greige goods to meet customer demands and delivery requirements. Eastbank adds value for customers by tackling unique, difficult, and hard-to-source finishing requirements while working to contain costs, shorten lead times, and ensure quality deliveries.

Eastbank’s dedicated team of professionals can service all fabric end-users but has extensive experience with:

  • Industrial fabrics
  • Bedding fabrics
  • Home furnishing fabrics
  • Outdoor apparel and accessory fabrics
  • Military

Contact Eastbank Textiles

3312 Northside Drive
Suite D235
Macon, GA 31210-0426

Phone: (478) 743-1492


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